A Little Something About Us

How Everything Started

SAY IT! is a social enterprise set up to provide a platform for the empowerment of young people through their ideas, talents and initiatives. It seeks to be a self-sustainable, resource and service centre for youth work. Say It! is an entrepreneurial arm that provides the YOUTHEME Foundation (vo 873) with the possibility to fund its core administrative needs while also supporting the foundations work supporting youthwork, and development.

It is the brain child of 2 friends and youth workers from Malta; Simon Schembri and Albert Debono. Having met and worked in various youth initiatives in their youth, they shared a dream of becoming youth workers and setting up a youth work practice with a clear vision to provide a wide spectrum of services for community development ranging from training courses to concerts, talent competitions to publications and consultancy services.

And Who We Are Today!

We work in a way that proves our belief in the power of creativity, in the potential of building upon ideas for the good of the community around us. A belief rooted in the values of the gospel we are committed to.

We are committed to empower towards the full potential of skills and talents, instilling positive social values within the communities we work in and society at large.

Youtheme Foundation - and thus SAY IT! as one of its executive arms seeks to explore creative ways to provide innovative educational, social and entertainment activities and put them into practice.

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Delivery Details

Items are available for pick up from the SayIt store in Paola, Malta.

Note: Contact us on info@sayitmalta.com for delivery prices to other countries.

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